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EECS2011N 3.0A Fundamentals of Data Structures


This course discusses the fundamental data structures commonly used in the design of algorithms. At the end of this course, students will know the classical data structures, and master the use of abstraction, specification and program construction using modules. Furthermore, students will be able to apply these skills effectively in the design and implementation of algorithms

Learning Outcomes for the course

  • Instantiate a range of standard abstract data types (ADT) as data structures
  • Implement these data structures and associated operations and check that they satisfy the properties of the ADT
  • Apply best practice software engineering principles in the design of new data structures
  • Demonstrate the ability to reason about data structures using contracts, assertions, and invariants
  • Analyse the asymptotic run times of standard operations for a broad range of common data structures
  • Select the most appropriate data structures for novel applications.

Prerequisites: General prerequisites; LE/EECS1030 3.00 or LE/EECS2030 3.00; LE/EECS1028 3.00 or SC/MATH1028 3.00 or LE/EECS1019 3.00 or SC/MATH1019 3.00

Lecture Times

  • Section N: Monday and Wednesday 16:00 - 17:30.
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