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<sidebar> <item link=“Members:”>Members</item> <item ns=“Members” level=“2” link=“Members: Grad students:”>Research Team</item> <item ns=“Members” level=“2” link=“Members: U-Research 1:”>U-Research</item> <item link=“Publications”>Publications</item> <item link=“Industrial Partners”>Industrial partners</item>

<item link=“resources:”> resources </item>

<item ns=“resources” level=“2” link=“resources:p1:”>private 1</item> <item ns=“resources” level=“2” link=“resources:p2:”>private 2</item> <item link=”:News”>News</item> <item ns=“News” level=“2” link=” 2018:”>2018</item> <item ns=“News” level=“2” link=” 2017:”>2017</item> <item ns=“News” level=“2” link=” 2016:”>2016</item> <item ns=“News” level=“2” link=” 2015:”>2015</item><item link=”:Opening Positions”>Positions</item> <item link=”:Alumni”>Alumni</item>

<item link=“projects:”></item><item link=“Courses:”>Courses</item>

<item ns= “Courses” level=“2” link=“”>ENG4000 (2013-14) </item>

<item ns= “Courses” level=“2” link=“”>CSE3215 (2013W) </item>

<item ns= “Courses” level=“2” link=“”>EECS4700 (2014-15) </item>

<item ns= “Courses” level=“2” link=“”>EECS3215 (2016W) </item>

<item ns= “Courses” level=“2” link=“”>EECS4641(2016W) </item>

<item ns= “Courses” level=“2” link=””>EECS3215(2017W) </item>

<item ns= “Courses” level=“2” link=””>EECS6803(2017W) </item>

<item ns= “Courses” level=“2” link=””>EECS3611(2017W) </item>

<item ns= “Courses” level=“2” link=””>EECS2602(2017W) </item>

<item link=“projects:”></item><item link=“Protocols:”>Protocols</item>


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