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Theory of Computing Group

The Theory of Computing Group is a part of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at York University in Toronto, Canada.

Theoretical computer science uses mathematical techniques to prove theorems about computation. This area includes

  • Computability,
  • Complexity Theory,
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures,
  • Parallel and Concurrent Computing, and
  • Logic in Computer Science.

This is an exciting area of research that forms the foundation for computer science and has many connections to other fields and important implications in the way computers are used. There are still many foundational questions that are unanswered, including some of the most important open questions in the mathematical sciences.


We are currently accepting applications for an assistant professor position in the theory group. Please see this link under Lassonde School of Engineering for more information. The application deadline is February 20, 2024.


In 2022, we welcomed three new faculty members into our group: Elisabet Burjons, Shahin Kamali, and Aditya Potukuchi.

Use the links on the left hand side of this page to find out more about the members of the group and their research and teaching.

Jeff meeting with some students

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