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Oath and Ring
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The Montebello Retreat culminated in two proposals: An Oath and a Ring. They are intended to represent the ideals and the bond that 3M fellows share. In a way, they are a gift from the 2009 cohort to previous cohorts and to the many cohorts to come.

The Oath

The following presentation was made by the 3M 2009 cohort during the 3M 25th Anniversary in Toronto on June 23, 2010:

After Montebello, 3M cohorts take away discoveries about themselves, both as individuals and as part of a recognized community of professional educators. Many 3M cohorts have responded to these discoveries by designing various projects, motivated by the idealism and the energy generated at the retreat.

Our 3M cohort of 2009 discovered, at our own retreat, a confluence of experience based on the passion each of us articulated – commitment to our students, our disciplines, our vocation, and a genuine love of the excitement that comes from pedagogical innovation, creativity and communication. Like earlier cohorts, we wanted a way to express this discovery, to reify our revitalized zeal to be the very best we can be, to re-dedicate ourselves, as individuals and as an inter-supportive group, to the ideals of teaching and learning.

The way that we chose to do this was with a simple oath of renewal, to encompass our shared feelings: a copy of it is on each table. We have been given the opportunity to state our oath publicly on this special anniversary in order to express our continuing dedication to teaching. In a way this is just for us, and we make no imposition on anyone, but you are most welcome to join in or just to reflect, if you wish to.

The Oath in English

  • I am a teacher.
  • I have the interest of my students at heart.
  • I am dedicated to learning.
  • I lead by example.
  • I recommit myself to these ideals.

The Oath in French

  • Je suis un enseignant.
  • J'ai les étudiants à cœur.
  • Je suis consacré à l'apprentissage.
  • Je mène par l'exemple.
  • J'adhère à ces idéaux.

The Oath in Audio/Video

The Ring

The ring comes in white or yellow gold or in silver and is inscribed with your name and year of fellowship. Only 3M Fellows are entitled to purchase the ring. For details and order information, see the 3M Council web page.

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