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To get started:

  • Install EiffelStudio from sourceforge (download EiffelStudio 6.7 GPL).
    • For the Windows version, when installing, you are given the choice of using the the free Express C++ compiler (if you have it installed), or you are offered an install of an open source C compiler (MinGW). It is best to use the Express C++ compiler for compatibility with Prism. see here for the complete story.
    • Select the option to do a Base library precompile.
  • Download the latest version of theESpec Library (simplied, without GUI), and follow the installation instructions (requires the $ESPEC environmental variable to be set) (download)

You can check that everythings is working by following the intructions at Getting started with the Hello World program.

Eiffel documentation

  • BON (Business Object Notation. The BON method for analysis and design of object-oriented software is a means of extending the higher-level concepts of the Eiffel programming language into the realm of analysis and design aided by a graphical notation akin to but different from UML.
  • ETL3: Ongoing new edition of Eiffel: The Language (known as ETL3), in progress for several years. To access the chapters you need the user name Talkitover and the password etl3. This work provides all the thinking behind the Eiffel language and its constructs.


  • For more resources see here
  • Ian Joyner on the Single Exit Rule writes: “I teach my students to use the single-exit rule in response to seeing horrible code with nested returns in it (in Python). I teach them why single exit is a good thing to do. I searched around the web for articles on this and could not really find any, just a load of long forum posts where most said it was just a silly rule for those who programmed by mantra rather than practice. These responses showed little understanding of the principles and practice. So I had to write an article about why it is a good idea. You can use it as a resource whenever this argument comes up, and please send any comments my way. See here
  • Bertand Mayer on attached
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