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How do I create my poster?

Using LaTeX

A package to create your poster using LaTeX can be found here.

How do I get my poster printed?

Printing Services prints posters. More details can be found here.

Poster titles

  • Daniel Natapov and I. Scott MacKenzie: The Benefits of Thumbnails for Browsing of Search Engine Results
  • Konstantinos Derpanis and Richard Wildes: Early Spatiotemporal Grouping with a Distributed Oriented Energy Representation
  • Foroohar Foroozan: Time Reversal Radar Range Estimation with Cramer Rao Lower Bounds
  • Arash Mohammadi: Distributed Particle Filter for Large Scale Dynamical Systems
  • Mohammad Sajjadieh: Early Stage Breast Cancer Detection using Time Reversal
  • George Spanogiannopoulos: Multipath Routing in ZigBee Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Kevin Cannons and Richard Wildes: Spatiotemporal Oriented Energy Features for Visual Tracking
  • Ahmed Sabbir Arif and Wolfgang Stuerzlinger: Effects of Error Correction Conditions on Text Entry Performance Metrics
  • Loutfouz Zaman and Wolfgang Stuerzlinger: A New User Interface For Cloning Objects in Drawing Systems
  • Vida Movahedi and James H. Elder: Segmenting Salient Objects: How do we measure success?
  • Shakil M. Khan and Yves Lespérance: Handling Prioritized Goals and Subgoals in a Logical Account of Goal Change (Extended Abstract)
  • Robert J. Teather, Robert S. Allison and Wolfgang Stuerzlinger: Evaluating Visual/Motor Coupling in Fish-tank VR
  • H. Wang, M. Jenkin and P. Dymond: Multiple Robot Graph Construction
  • Eduardo Corral, James Elder: Extending the range capabilities of a KLT-based video stabilizer via phase correlation.
  • Parke Godfrey, Xiaohui Yu, Yi Feng, Liping Han: Multi-Objective Query Optimization.
  • Wendy Ashlock: Computational Genomics – Looking for Retroviruses
  • Natalia Bogan, Robert S. Allison and Rajaraman Suryakumar: Eccentric Photorefraction Gaze Tracker.
  • Muna Shabaneh, Robert Allison, Abdullah Merei, Jim Zacher and Sion Jennings: Probability Grid Mapping System for Aerial Search (PGM).
  • Cyrus Minwalla, Mike Liscombe, Edward Shen, Paul Thomas and Richard I. Hornsey: Correlation-based Measurement of Camera Magnification and Scale-factor
  • Nastaran Shafiei: A Systematic Approach to Handle Native Calls in Java PathFinder
  • Stephanie Wilson: Assisted segmentation of 3D point cloud datasets
  • Vivian Qinmin Hu and Jimmy Huang: A Re-Ranking Model for Genomics Aspect Search
  • Dusan Stevanovic: Sink Mobility in Wireless Sensor Networks: When Theory Meets Reality
  • Damon Sotoudeh and Aijun An: A Rule Mining Framework for Detecting Concept-Drifts in Data Streams
  • Hoda Dehmeshki and Wolfgang Stuerzlinger: PerSel: Perceptual-based Object Group Selection
  • Hashmat Rohian, Jiashu Zhao, Aijun An and Jimmy Huang: Discovering Associations among Event Frequency Changes
  • Ron Tal, James Elder: Kernel-Based Hough Transform for Efficient Detection of Manhattan Lines
  • Anna Topol, Michael Jenkin: An Energy Minimization Approach to Assisted Stereo Video Scan Alignment
  • Bart Verzijlenberg, Michael Jenkin: 6DOF Global Pose Estimation Using 3D Sensors
  • Stuart MacLean, Suprakash Datta: Localization
  • Hamoun Ghanbari, Andrei Solomon, Marin Litoiu: Multi-Class Performance Model Estimation and Tracking using a Kalman Filter
  • Edward Shen, Peter Carr, Paul Thomas, Richard Hornsey: Non-Planar Target for Multi-Camera Network Calibration
  • Xin Zhang and Franck van Breugel: Measuring Progress of An Explicit-State Model-Checker for Sequential Randomized Code
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