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Pythoncode IDE in a Web Browser

Getting Started

  • It is best to obtain EECS credentials (login/password). The process is simple at You will need your student number. PythonCode allows you to self-grade your work with Unit Tests, but to submit your work easily, obtain and EECS account.


PythonCode is a mobile-friendly lightweight IDE in the browser for writing, executing and testing Python code.



See PythonCode Documentation and Sample Tutorials. See Birthday Paradox for a PythonCode tutorial using data plots.

  • Three modes:
    • SimpleMode: single Python file for simplicity. This is also the landing page once you login with your EECS or PPY credentials.
    • ProjectMode: multi-folder and multi-file for more complex Python projects
    • TutorialMode: preset tutorial problems for learning and improving. Instructors can create problem specifications, hints and optionally solutions.
  • Explorer
    • The Explorer displays the files inside you current project. You can left-click once on a file to open it in the Editor, or left-click twice on a folder to expand it. The file that is highlighted in blue indicates that it is currently displaying on the Editor.
  • Editor with syntax highlighting for Python and Markdown files
    • Markdown files are for documenting work.
    • Supports automatic indenting/outdenting, search and replace, minimal auto-completion etc.
  • Console display print statements. Does not allow for input (use variables instead).
  • Viewing
    • The Viewer displays the HTML view of the Markdown files and the grading results.
    • View graphs using matplotlib. Files created during execution will be displayed in a pop-up window, while PythonCode supports svg files.
  • Storage
    • Export the current project as a zip file
    • Store the current project
    • Retrieve a project
  • Unit testing built in using Pytest.
  • Static type checking built-in using Mypy.
  • Grading button on the bottom-right corner will run unit testing on the current project, then produce a grade report shown on the Viewer.
  • PythonCode is a lightweight IDE. Thus it does not support the following:
    • Debugger
    • Input from the console.

Faculty based tutorials or labs

Please login to this wiki with your EECS faculty credentials. The sidebar has a Tutorials link with instructions of how to create labs or exercises.

Last modified:
2020/12/10 13:22