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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to register for a CSE Computer Account?

  • Yes. You need such an account to access the online course material, to submit your assignments electronically from such an account, ….

How should I study for this course?

  • Attend all lectures.
  • Preferably read the lecture material prior to its coverage in class. Then read them again afterwards.
  • Practice, practice, practice, … and then practice some more.
  • Start working on assignments as soon as they are posted. You may work out the solutions incrementally, and (re)submit your work as you complete or improve upon them.
  • I love a hard working, honest, and responsible student. I will go out of my way to help such a student.
  • To the extent possible, do not leave any questions unanswered. I and the TAs are here to help you out.

How should I communicate with the instructor or TAs outside lectures?

  • See Forum and Contact on the left side-bar.
  • Use the forum for general course related Q&A (for the benefit of the entire class).
    • All students, TAs, and the instructor are welcome to participate in such Q&As.
    • You may enrich the course experience by posting interesting ideas & links to articles & software.
  • Use email for more personal course related issues.
  • Use office hours for more lengthy discussions.

What are the Policies on Assignments?

  • You are encouraged to form study groups and collaborate to learn the course topics in general.
  • But ultimately, all assignments are individual work. You should not give/receive written code to/from other students.
  • We use MOSS to detect software plagiarism.
    Any evidence of copying will be considered a breach of academic honesty and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Late assignment submissions will not be accepted. There are no exceptions.
    • Rationale: you have several weeks to prepare. You should be able to submit at least partial work.

How should I Submit Programming Assignments?

  • All assignment files (.java, .txt, .docx,.pdf, etc.) in this course should be submitted electronically. Make sure you print your identity on top of every file you submit.
  • Before submitting your .java files:
    • Upload them to a CSE server, e.g.,
    • Compile and re-test them on the CSE server, which runs a Linux/Unix operating system.
    • You may implement your programs on a PC or MAC platform, but make sure to compile and test them on a CSE server before submission. We will test and mark your programs on a CSE server. We are not responsible for programs that fail due to system incompatibility issues.
    • Check the contents of each file you submit immediately before submitting it. We are not responsible for “lost” files.
    • Use the file names and method names as specified for each question. Do not change them (e.g., switch upper to lower case). If you do, your program may not compile or run correctly with our test programs.
    • You may submit a file several times. A new submission will overwrite the previous version. A confirmation message will be displayed for each successful submission.
  • Two ways to submit:
    1. You may use the Webapp at , or
    2. You may submit them from a CSE server (e.g., using the submit command:
      • From the directory (folder) where your files are located, issue the submit command specific to the assignment and question. For example, for Assignment 1, you will use the command
        submit 2011 assign1 <file>
        where <file> is replaced by the name of the file you wish to submit. For example,
        • submit 2011 assign1
      • Please make sure that you are in the correct directory when you issue the submit command.
      • Use unix command pwd to print your current (working) directory.
      • Use unix command cd <dir name> to change your current directory.
      • Use unix command less <file> to display the contents of <file> on the screen.
      • Use unix command man submit to learn more about submit.

What is the typical marking scheme for assignments?

  • Assignments are marked on a 0..100 (percentile) scale.
  • [60%] For correctness, efficiency, and proper analysis where needed.
  • [25%] For good use of Object Oriented principles, programming style and readability.
  • [15%] For thoroughness of testing and documentation.

Do I need to write all tests?

  • … but of course. —- See also Policies on the left side-bar.
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