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  • Sunday, December 28: Exam marks and unofficial final Grades are posted.
  • Monday, December 15:
    • A4 grades are posted.
    • Review Session (reminder): 2 - 4 pm, Tuesday, Dec. 16, LSB105.
  • Saturday, December 6:
    • A4 solutions are posted.
    • Review Session: Based on popular demand, we will have a Review Session prior to the exam:
      • When: 2 - 4 pm, Tuesday, Dec. 16. (Please note the time change.)
      • Where: LSB 105.
  • Tuesday, November 25: A3 grades are posted.
  • Friday, November 21: The QuickSort example on LS12, pp: 52-58 is corrected.
  • Saturday, November 15: Assignment 4 and solutions to Assignment 3 are posted.
  • Tuesday, November 11: I added a cautionary Q&A note on the course Forum about A3-Problem3.
  • Friday, October 31: Midterm Test results:
    • MT grades are posted.
    • Solutions are posted here.
    • Your graded test papers will be returned to class this Tuesday.
  • Tuesday, October 28:
    • A2 grades are posted.
    • I wish you all the best for the midterm test this evening.
  • Thursday, October 23: More info on the Midterm: Click on the “Course Outline” side-bar.
  • Saturday, October 18: Assignment 3 and solutions to Assignment 2 are posted.
  • Friday, October 10: Recursion:
  • Thursday, October 9: Assignment 2: More explanations are posted on the course Forum.
  • Wednesday, October 8: Note on assignment submissions:
    • Please print your full identification (full name, cse user-name, student ID number) on top of EVERY file you submit. That will help the TAs to identify whose file it is in case it is misplaced. Beyond that, the TAs are not responsible for lost or unidentifiable files.
    • For every java code, first make sure it compiles and runs properly on our lab machines. Then submit the source (.java) file. The TAs will test and see if your source code fails to compile and run properly.
    • You should run some tests on each of your java codes, and (with cut-&-paste) submit the test results in a separate ClassTestIO.txt file (where “Class” stands for the java source file you are testing, e.g., LightsTestIO.txt).
    • Refer to the FAQ page on the assignment marking scheme. That shows the factors that determine your grade.
    • Heidar has posted additional feedback on the course Forum.
  • Tuesday, October 7: Assignment 1 grades are posted.
    • If you have any concerns about your grade, you may contact Heidar Davoudi, the TA.
  • Monday, September 29: Solutions to Assignment 1 are posted.
  • Wednesday, September 24:
    • Assignment 2 is posted.
    • Midterm date is set: Oct. 28. More details to follow.
  • Tuesday, September 23:
    • You can use the website to submit your assignments electronically :-D
    • The course Forum gives further explanation on Assignment 1. Check that site regularly for new postings.
  • Tuesday, September 16: Some notes on Assignment 1:
    • You may consider the polygon input format as: n (the number of vertices) followed by the xy-coordinates of the vertices in sequence around the polygon boundary. That is, “n x_0 y_0 x_1 y_1 … x_(n-1) y_(n-1)”, where x_i y_i are the xy-coordinates of the i-th vertex.
    • We said the polygon is simple if every non-adjacent pair of edges e_i and e_j are disjoint, i.e., whenever i+2 < j. Of course we should exclude the case i=0, j=n-1 (the first against the last edge), i.e., whenever 1 < j - i < n-1.
    • NonSimplePolygonException can be declared to extend either Exception or RuntimeException; your choice.
  • Tuesday, September 9:
    • Welcome to the first lecture session: 5:30 - 7 pm, @ LSB 105.
    • Assignment 1 is posted.
  • A welcome message is posted on the course Forum. =)
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