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Cadence University Program

Cadence University Program Member

This page provides information only about the Cadence software used at York University.

Remember: Cadence is the name of a company - students do not “learn Cadence”, they learn about Cadence products.

Cadence Tools in Our Research

A wide variety electronics research at York employs the Cadence products in the design of its electronic technology. Areas of research at York where the wide variety of Cadence tools (Custom IC, Digital IC, Verification) are used include:

• Hardware accelerated machine learning
• Wearable computing
• Radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs)
• High-speed wireline systems
• Low-power microprocessors
• Bio-sensors and biologically inspired sensors
• Microfluidics
• CMOS image sensors

Cadence Tools in Our Curriculum

EECS 3610: Semiconductor Physics and Devices (Winter 2019, Winter 2020)
EECS 3611: Analog IC Design (Winter 2019 Winter 2020)
EECS 4611: Advanced Analog IC Design (Winter 2020)
EECS 4612: Digital VLSI (Winter 2019, Winter 2020)
EECS 6505: Physical and Systems Design Issues in ASICs (Winter 2020)

These courses deal with the electrical engineering issues of microchip design. Students employ a variety of Cadence tools to complete their designs including:

• Virtuoso Layout Suite for Custom ICs and Digital ICs
• Virtuoso Multi-mode Simulation Option for Custom ICs
• Cadence Chip Assembly Router for Digital ICs
• Cadence Simulation Analysis Environment for Verfication
• Encounter Digital Implementation System for Digital ICs
• Encounter RTL Compiler for Digital ICs


This is not a “Cadence Homepage”.

This page contains only Cadence-related information.

Information is provided “as is” without warranty or guarantee of any kind. No statement is made and no attempt has been made to examine the information, either with respect to operability, origin, authorship, or otherwise.

Please use this information at your own risk and any attempt to use this information is at your own risk we recommend using it on a copy of your data to be sure you understand what it does and under your conditions. Keep your master intact until you are personally satisfied with the user of this information within your environment.

This webpage is maintained by Sebastian Magierowski
Last updated: March 01, 2019

Cadence is a registered trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc., 2655 Seely Avenue, San Jose, CA 95134.

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