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Theses and Dissertations

York University archives dissertations through ProQuest which is available through most other research institutions. If you cannot download from ProQuest contact us and we would be happy to email the thesis or dissertation.

Thesis available through proquest

Perceived Acceleration in stereoscopic Animation by Laldin, Sidrah, MA, York University (Canada), 2017

Shape Perception of Clear Water in Photo-Realistic Images by Sultana, Arhum, MASc,York University (Canada), 2017

The Effects of Gravity on Self-motion Perception by Guterman, Pearl S., PhD, York University (Canada), 2016

Margarita Vinnikov, PhD Computer Science, “Gaze-contingent multi-modal and multi-sensory applications” 2015

The Neural Correlates of Vection: An fMRI Study by Kirollos, Ramy, MA, York University (Canada), 2014

A Creative Exploration of the Use of Intelligent Agents in Spatial Narrative Structures by Andrew Roth, MA Independent Studies, York University (Canada), 2014

Stereoscopic shape perception of transparent objects in photo-realistic images by Jianhui Chen, MASc, York University, 2013

Real-time infrared tracking of the near triad by Natalia Bogdan, M.Sc., York University (Canada), 2011

Monovision: Consequences for depth perception from small and large disparities by Smith, Carrie E., M.A., York University (Canada), 2010

Seeing thought: Classification of mental workload using facial thermography by Stemberger, John, M.Sc., York University (Canada), 2010

Gaze-contingent real-time simulation of impaired vision in naturalistic displays by Vinnikov, Margarita, M.Sc., York University (Canada), 2009

When sight closes in: The effects of Field of View on wayfinding and spatial representation by Guterman, Pearl S., M.A., York University (Canada), 2009

Probability Grid Mapping System for Aerial Search (PGM) by Muna Shabaneh, M.Sc., 2009

Cyclovergence as a function of the stimulus size and position of vertical and horizontal shear disparity by Daniels, Nicole T., M.Sc., York University (Canada), 2009 - co-supervised

Effect of scene transitions on transsaccadic change detection in natural scenes by Sadr, Shabnam, M.A., York University (Canada), 2008

Computer gaming for vision therapy by Carvelho, Tristan, M.Sc., York University (Canada), 2007

On seeing transparent surfaces in stereoscopic displays by Tsirlin, Inna, M.Sc., York University (Canada), 2006

Variability-aware latency amelioration in distributed interactive virtual environments by Tumanov, Alexey, M.Sc., York University (Canada), 2006

A calibrated combined head-eye tracking system by Huang, Hu, M.Sc., York University (Canada), 2004

MARVIN: A Mobile Automatic Realtime Visual and INertial tracking system by Hogue, Andrew, M.Sc., York University (Canada), 2003 -- co-supervised

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