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Programs Developed in Class


Week Lab Topics Readings Transparencies
Jan 06 Overview of the course Sections 1.1-1.3, 1.5, 1.4 (optional) Lec-1a:1up 6up
Data Translation Section 2.4 AAAI Poster Lec-1b:1up 6up
Jan 13 Data Translation, cont. Sections 2.1-2.6 Lec-2a: see <hi #00f700> Lec-1b </hi>
Code Translation MIPS INST. Lec-2b:1up 6up
Jan 20 Lab A Code Translation, cont. Sections 2.1-2.7 Lec-3:1up 6up
Jan 27 Lab B Translating Utility Classes – The Stack Sections 2.8-2.9 Lec-4:1up 6up
Feb 03 Lab C Translating Objects – The Heap Sections 2.10-2.12 Lec-5:1up 6up
Feb 10 Lab D Linking and Loading The rest of Chapter 2 (optional) Lec-6: see <hi #00f700> Lec-5 </hi>
Machine Language (review) Review:1up 6up
Feb 17 Lec-7: ✘
Feb 24 Make-up A-D Midterm, Intro to Hardware Sections B.1 to B.5 Lec-8a:1up 6up
Combinational Circuits Lec-8b:1up 6up
Mar 03 Lab K Performance Section 1.4 Lec-9:1up 6up
The Single-Cycle Datapath and Control Sections 4.1-4.4
Mar 10 Lab L The S/C Datapath and Control Lec-10a:1up 6up
Lec-10b:1up 6up
Mar 17 Lab M S/C Control, Pipelining Sections 4.5-4.6 Lec-11: see <hi #00f700>Lec-10b </hi>
Mar 24 Lab N Pipelining, cont. Sections 4.7-4.8 Lec-12:1up 6up
Mar 31 Make-up K-N Caches Section 5.1-5.3 Lec-13:1up 6up
Section 5.4 Concl.:1up 6up

Important Dates

  • Classes start on Jan 6.
  • Family day: the University is closed on Feb 17.
  • Midterm Exam is on Feb 24.
  • The Drop Deadline is Friday Mar 7.
  • Final Exam will be held during the exam period (Apr 8 - 24).
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