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New announcements will be posted here in reverse chronological order.

Fri Apr 25, 2014

  • The Final Exam marks, the overall letter grades, and the updated Verilog labs are now on ePost (these grades are unofficial until approved). The letter grades are based on the weighted sum of the three components: Midterm, Final, and Labs. If you suspect errors in your letter grade, take one of the following actions depending on the type of error: If you see an arithmetic error (i.e. the posted component marks do not add up to the posted letter grade) then email me. On the other hand if you suspect an error in the marking of your final exam, then wait until the test papers are in the Department Office (around the middle of May) and then request a copy of your exam from the Dept Office and, if needed, submit a petition to the Dept Office.

Mon Apr 7, 2014

  • My office hour for today is cancelled. I will have extended office hours on Wednesday instead (10:30 - 1: 30, 3:00 - 5:00).

Tue Apr 1, 2014

  • A sample final exam along with its solutions are now posted in the solutions folder (3 files in total).

Sat Mar 22, 2014

  • Makeup session: the registrar's office has scheduled the makeup lecture session for Friday Mar 28 from 3:00 to 6:00 pm in LSB 106.

Sun Mar 9, 2014

  • Please note that for the last three labtests, we will start early at 7:00 pm.

Wed Mar 5, 2014

  • As promised in the class, labtest K can be resubmitted (from any PC that is NOT in labtest mode, e.g. your laptop or a terminal in the lab that is in default mode) until the end of this weekend (Sunday midnight). The question is available in the “Programs developed in class” folder in Weekly Schedule. Finally, if you don't resubmit, I will assume you are satisfied with your previous submission and will send that out for marking. Sorry about this inconvenience.

Tue Mar 4, 2014

  • Drop date, i.e. the last day to drop the course, is approaching. If you need to drop this course, do it on or before this Friday (Mar 7).
  • The marks of midterm exam are now on ePost and the solution / marking scheme is posted in the solutions folder (see Weekly Schedule for the latter). The papers can be collected during my office hours or before/after the class tomorrow. See Policies for the procedure to follow in case there is a need to reappraise.

Sun Feb 23, 2014

  • Please note that the makeup lab for labtests A to D is only for those who missed/didn't attempt one or more labtests. Maintain your lab section as usual (i.e. don't come on Monday's lab if you are registered for Tuesday). The labtest questions will be available from around 7:00 pm.


Mon Feb 17, 2014

  • This week, I will have extra office hours for the midterm: Wed 10 - 2 pm and Fri 3 - 5 pm.
  • The midterm test is on Feb 24th and will be held in class (CLH A). It is a closed book, 75-min test covering everything that was covered up to and including the lecture of Feb 12. Bring a photo ID and optionally a calculator. Note that the MIPS Green Card and the SPIM system call table will be provided. The test will start at 5:30 pm sharp.

Thr Feb 06, 2014

  • The Midterm exam is now scheduled for Monday Feb 24 (in class).
  • A sample midterm exam with its solutions are now available in the Solutions folder in Weekly Schedule.

Tue Feb 04, 2014

Thu Jan 30, 2014

  • The feedback on your Lab test A that I received from the TA as well as your submitted files for this have been emailed to your @cse account (2 different emails).

Wed Jan 29, 2014

  • The posted link for Solutions (for the lab tests and exams) in Weekly Schedule has been updated.
  • The ePost link for Lab/Exam marks in Grading Scheme has been updated. You can find your Lab-A marks there. This will be updated by every Thursday from now on.
  • As discussed in the class, there are some typos in the slides (e.g. in Page-12 of Lec-3), but you should be able to figure these out by now.

Tue Jan 21, 2014

  • The posted link for Programs Developed in Class in Weekly Schedule has been updated.

Thu Jan 16, 2014

Tue Jan 14, 2014

  • My office hours are now posted (see Home).
  • As was announced in the class, two Class Representatives for CSE 2021M has been recruited by Bethune College. They are Ashfaq Abdullah and Harshil Patel, emails {shfb0019,hpatel25} at Here is the Facebook group info for this (a doodle link for the study group has been posted there, so please fill it out):

Wed Jan 8, 2014

  • Potential awards for undergrads: Please consider attending the information sessions held this Friday for NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards and Graduate Studies in Computer Science and Engineering. More info can be found from this link.

Mon Jan 6, 2014

  • Bethune College is seeking a couple of Class Representatives (CRs) for CSE 2021M; see BC CR Program. If you would like to volunteer, please contact me after the class them directly. The deadline for this is Friday, Jan 10th, 2014, 11:59 PM.

Fri Jan 3, 2014

  • Welcome to CSE2021!
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