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CMC Microsystems provides a server for us which includes:

  • a collection of CMC managed and supported software components used for CAD and EDA
  • a distribution mechanism for delivery of the software components to CMC client subscribers
  • CADconnect license key middleware
  • local license server

Anyone using any of the STC components and infrastructure is required to have a current CMC subscription. Information about the CMC subscriptions can be found here.

For each faculty member, the subscription covers any of his/her supervised students, post-doctoral fellows and research assistants who have an account with CMC.

To see which design tools, kits, and methodologies are available from CMC, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: CMC subscriptions and education usage rules have substantially changed in 2019. Before you renew any existing CMC subscription, please speak to Ulya.

General Notes

  • The CMC STC is available as /CMC on (a Linux system), and from other tech-supported Departmental Linux systems as required.
  • If you plan to use tools from CMC, licensing will either occur through one of two mechanisms, depending on the tool and from where you are accessing it:

Accessing The Tools

After you have been granted access to the tools that you require, please consult the CMC Tool Matrix for software that is available in our local Linux STC.

NOTE: Before you can use any tools from the STC, you will need to add one line to the end of your .cshrc file:

[-r /CMC/local/share/licenses ] && source /CMC/local/share/licenses

You will also need to source additional files as reported by the CMC tool matrix above.

Using CMC Tools For Teaching

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