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EECS Technical Staff Resources For Working From Home

As of March 18, 2020, EECS administrative and technical staff are working from home with the necessary resources to continue providing services to administrative staff, students and faculty members.

Card key will continue to work to card access areas. Use the north entrance card reader to get in to Lassonde building. After Mar 27, 2020, all entrances will be locked. Please see

The technical support team will be available to answer questions during regular work hours. Email us as usual at Outages on essential servers will be handled as quickly as possible. Your patience is appreciated.

Remote Access to EECS Servers

Use remote access instructions to provide you with details on using a Windows, MacOS or Unix platforms.

  • Undergraduate students remote servers are, and

red1 and red2 are temporary servers, configured exactly as red, to handle the increased number of connections. If red's CPU load is too high, login to red1 or red2 for better performance. Undergraduate students can also login to from any of the red servers if they are doing work with Cadence.

  • Graduate students and Faculty remote servers are and .

indigo1 is a temporary server, configured exactly as indigo to handle the increased number of connections. If indigo's CPU load is too high, login to indigo1 for better performance. This group can also login to for compute intensive work.

Using Remote Desktop to your office machine–Tips

You may want to check these settings on your desktop machines:Disable Sleep options and Leave Power State to Power ON

Using York's SSLVPN to remote login to EECS servers

1.LOG OFF YORKVPN service when you are not using it
2.Use it specifically for products that require York's Licenses (eg Matlab, Engineering software like Mathematica,EMPT..
3. If you are streaming videos,Netflix,Spotify .. you do not need VPN service

For Students:Secure Remote Access For Staff and Faculty:VPNYork SSLVPM Step by Step Guide

Using Moodle

If you are new to moodle,(Web based learning management system), there are many help documents to get you started. can also assist you on getting you up and running on the basics. MoodleResources

Students cannot see your moodle page
The page by default is hidden. You have to make it visible when you are ready to release the page/section to the public.
Once logged into your course page, Click on the top Right gear icon, and turn editing on.
This will tell you if the page is hidden from students .
You can then Choose Edit the section and click on “show”. Now it becomes visible to students

Problems with groups within moodle 1. Send a message to to set up the groups.
2. We will try our best to handle the request in a timely manner.

Live Streaming and Recording

York University has a site license for Zoom Pro software for live streaming or recording your online lectures and tutorials.

Detailed information on Zoom:

How to Upload Course Materials

Every active Moodle Course Page for the Winter 2020 semester has a link for “Echo360 Lecture Capture Videos” under “Course Announcements”.
This page has information on how to use Echo360 to upload your videos, slides, and other materials.
Echo360 provides your students with the proper access to online course material using their PPY accounts via your course Moodle page. Your files are secured. For faculty members who are already using Techsmith Relay or software of their choice may continue to do so. is ready to assist if you run into any problems. Some faculty members who are using the Echo360 software have provided some useful tips so we can publish this in a FAQ on this site.

Frequently asked questions about using Moodle, Echo360 and EECS Wiki

How to record my lectures that I want to place online
Use “Zoom to Record Session” and “Upload recorded session ” to Echo360. Tip Create short videos when recording. The upload process will be much faster. York has a site license for ZoomPro which every faculty has access. The url for zoom is and you select SSO(Single Sign On). This uses your Passport York login information.

Why using EECS wiki at this time for uploading videos is not a good idea
1.We do not have the disk capacity nor network bandwidth to accommodate large video files on our wiki server
2. Students will exceed disk quota when they download the videos to their home directory
3. Some video formats may not be compatible to be viewed from our site
4. Using Echo360 to upload your videos, we do not have any of the above issues. We can focus on assisting the faculty on uploading their videos and presentations so students can get access in the simplest format
5. Streaming videos from Echo360 is better option for students because they may not have desktop resources at home. This allows them to view the videos on the web
6. They cannot download the lectures or presentations unless faculty give permission

Live Classes
Have Live Lecture using Zoom – RECORD the Session
Share your desktop screen - share button on menu
Upload Recorded file to Echo360 Class – Students will review later and can start Q&A and other engagement
Prof & students can access Echo360 from link in Moodle Course

Flipped Classes
Install locally Echo360 Universal Capture Personal
Record your class using Universal Lecture Capture - Personal
Upload Recorded file(s) to Echo360 Class
Students will review and Q&A
Follow-up with Zoom Office Meetings

Why Echo360
Echo360 is a secure system and videos cannot be downloaded unless the instructor overrides the settings, it is not public by default.
Students can watch videos and ask Questions on a particular slide, part of video as well as mark as confusion.
Echo360 automatically generates transcript of the video which helps students to read if they could not understand a particular terminology and they can also search in transcript and run video from there.

Multiple videos for a lecture on Echo360 site
Create a Collection to hold all videos. So Collection comprises multiple videos / classes for the same topic.
Go to your course - Click New Collection and Then under Collection Create new Classes - Then Add videos to these classes.
For more info

Echo360 links on active Moodle pages for W2020 term slow ?
Issues with technology in use by some of the students, their internet connectivity as well as disruptions - not to forget overall bandwidth usage will rise
Keeping in mind students who have tech issues, disconnect, as well as missed the online class. Here are some options
1. Have a LIVE ONLINE Class on Zoom
2. RECORD Zoom session
3. Upload recorded session to ECHO360 for students to REVIEW Classroom experience.

Uploads to echo360 are taking too long
Suggestion from one faculty: 1.If the file is very large, uploading will take hours.
If you break up your lecture into small sections, the files will be smaller, will process faster. Students apparently find it more convenient.

2.Using only an iPad. You don't need any equipment, not even a microphone (although having one probably helps) as long as you are in a quiet place. So you display your slides (mine are pdf from Beamer/LaTeX) and record audio. In addition using a stylus, you can annotate as needed. 3. One faculty suggested using Quicktime (no longer supported on Windows I think?) to hookup an iPad to a computer. That would be great in Zoom but just for slides and audio, or whiteboard and audio, a single iPad is enough.

4.After recording I use the Echo360 app to upload to the echo server and share with the class (the sharing I have done with a browser so far).

What is the easiest way to access echo360

From your moodle course link, there is a “Echo Lecture Capture Videos” link under “Course Announcements” block. If you click on the link this will take you to the echo360 site . Because you are linking from York's moodle site, you will be authenticated with Passport York automatically but will still have to create an account on the echo360 site. From there you can follow the instructions above on how to upload videos, presentations and slides

Does your TA have issues with Zoom Pro

TAs using ZOOM PRO
TAs MUST SIGN IN WITH THEIR PPY WORK ACCOUNT. Their regular student account will not work with zoom pro.

Starting from the top – when you authenticate with your Passport York, typically that cookie remains and logs you into other apps. If you log out of your passport York and Zoom, you’ll notice you’ll have to log in again using the Sign In with SSO section.
Regarding your TAs –
Please ensure they are logging in using the same method, and at least once at Response mapping only works if they sign in with Passport York. They also need to be their email addresses, subdomain or otherwise. External email addresses (gmail, etc) are not permitted on our account. I’ll manually update the accounts. The Zoom sso login is pulling a field that identifies faculty, staff or student. TAs are often still listed as students, so the mapping misses them – it’s a work in progress. Please forward requests to

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