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Distribution Lists

Distribution lists are accessible on tech-suported Linux systems (such as indigo) in /eecs/dept/dist_archive/<SESSION>/<TERM>. For example - to access the distribution lists for 2015-16 session, FALL term, see /eecs/dept/dist_archive/2015-16/F. For your convenience, /eecs/dept/dist will always point to the distribution lists for the current session and term. You can also view the distribution lists on the web.

Each line of the distribution lists contains the following fields:

  • EECS account name (<NO-CS-ACCT> if user has not yet activated an EECS account)
  • Passport York account name (<NO-YU-ACCT> if user has not yet activated a Passport York account)
  • Student number
  • Surname, First Name
  • EECS EMAIL (<NO-EECS-EMAIL> if there is no EMAIL service activated for this account)
  • YorkU EMAIL (<NO-YU-EMAIL> if YorkU EMAIL has not been activated for this account)
  • Preferred Email
  • Programme Title (From Student Information System): Program Title field indicates the student’s faculty (e.g. LE, SC), degree (e.g. BENG, BSC, BA), type (Honour or Ordinary and Specialized or Double), and the program (COSC, CSEC, DIGM, CMPR, ELCT, SFWR, …).
  • Study Level
  • Registration Status:
Registration Status Registration Description Meaning
DR Deregistered All courses/program dropped before the start of session
PP Previously Pending All courses dropped before registration
PR Pending Registered Student enrolled in courses but registration deposit is not paid yet
RA Registered as active Active in courses or program
RI Registered as Inactive Not attending York for the session/Leave of absence (Mostly Used for Grad students)
WD Voluntary Withdrawal All courses/program dropped after start of session

The distribution list fields are tab-delimited, and space-padded.

There are several different types of distribution list:

  • Distribution list for each course and section: <COURSE><SECTION> (eg. EECS2031A)
  • Distribution list for each lab section: <COURSE><SECTION>.LAB<#> (eg. EECS1011Z.LAB01)
  • Distribution list for each tutorial section: <COURSE><SECTION>.TUTR<#> (eg. EECS2011E.TUTR01)
  • Drop list for each course and section: DROP.<COURSE><SECTION> (eg. DROP.EECS2001E)
  • Drop list for each lab section section: DROP.<COURSE><SECTION>.LAB<#> (eg. DROP.EECS1011Z.LAB01)
  • Drop list for each tutorial section: DROP.<COURSE><SECTION>.TUTR<#> (eg. DROP.EECS2011E.TUTR01)

Each day, the distribution lists are generated for the previous term, current term, and next term. As a result, when each new term begins, the data for 2 terms previous will no longer be generated, and may be out of date.

NOTE: In November 2015, the distribution lists were updated to include the last 6 fields from the list above. Previous distribution lists will remain unchanged.

NOTE: When sending email to students, you should always use the students preferred email.

If you have any questions, please mail tech.

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