Printing in Lassonde Research Centre(LRC) - 4751 Keele St. (non EECS account)

Step 1 - Submitting your print job

  • Log in with PPY credentials
  • Click “Submit a job
  • Find the printer name “arruda\LE-LRC-MFD1
  • Select the printer and go to “Print Options and Account Selection
  • To upload the document, click on “Upload Documents
  • After uploading click on “Upload and Complete

Step 2 - Releasing print job at the Printer

  • Go to the printer and tap your YUCard at the reader
  • For the first time, sign in with your PPY credentials at the printer screen and bind your YUCard to the printer
  • Select the printjob previously submitted through PaperCut and click print

Once the YUCard is connected to the PPY credentials, you will not be required to put in PPY username and password again. Just tap YUCard, it will take you directly to the print jobs.

More information on WebPrint

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