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Resources for New Faculty Members within EECS

Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

This guideline provides a basic road-map to assist a new member to become aware of the technical resources offered to our faculty members. You will find that not all your questions can be answered here but this document may lead you to where you can find the answers.

Accounts local to EECS

Why do you need an account within EECS?
Our department supports computing services for teaching and research and new members are given an “EECS account” for ease of use within the department to access the software provided internally. This account name is different from your “Passport York (PPY)”, the centrally supported York University account because it accesses a different set of resources. EECS accounts are used for logging into EECS computing systems, printing, accessing the research servers, home directories that are backed up, Course distribution Lists, Internal Grad Web sites, and a series of other services you will discover as needed. Your “EECS” account comes with 2GB of data storage that is backed up nightly.

How do I change my password on the EECS servers

To change your EECS password, go to and follow the instructions on the pop-up menu If your PPY username is not the same as your EECS username, then the change will be manual. Follow the instructions below.

If you are using our eecs Linux desktop, in the labs, your own desktop,,, using the terminal at the prompt, type passwd command. This will prompt you for the existing password. Another line will prompt you to Enter the “New Password” and you will have to Re-enter the new password. You will see a message on the screen telling you that your password will be updated within half an hour. In the interim, the old password will work. If you are using a Windows Desktop, you will need a “ssh” client to remote login to the linux host ( or and follow the Linux desktop procedures. A good example for an ssh client is “mobaxterm”. This change will update your password to all our EECS computing resources.

For Technical Support , whom do I contact

The department supports an email alias “” . Any questions sent to this email will be handled by a group of dedicated professionals efficiently. This is always faster than sending email to the individual team member's email address. It's a good idea to always send an email to any requests even if you drop by a tech member's office for a required service. This will give us the opportunity to make sure all requests are completed in a timely manner. We are located on the second floor of the Lassonde Building.(Lassonde Rooms 2033 to 2044)

Research Space for file storage

Associated with your account, is research space. All research faculty get up to 100 GB each. Extra space above 100 GB, up to 500 GB; you pay $1/GB.

Printing within EECS

Your “EECS account name ” is important here. Once you are authenticated within our systems, you will be able to print to the EECS departmental supported printers. Printing documentation can be found : The same follows for mapping your home directory and having your important desktop files backed up to your home directory.

Access to Lassonde, Bergeron, Farquarson, Sherman Buildings

Access to the building will be given on an as need basis. Once you are here, your needs will be assessed and access will be given as required. Send an email to to get the request handled.

Course web pages

You can host your courses on York's Moodle site(eclass) Eclass Course pages. Past course web links will be found here EECS Course Web Pages.
You have access to personal web space. User web space

What services are offered within EECS

Departmental Services
Software installed and supported on our systems are also found within the above link.

Desktop/Laptop Requests for Teaching Faculty

Once you become a Teaching instructor with us, the department will consult with you on your computing needs and provide the best solution for you. The Director of Computing will assist in assessing your needs and make recommendations.

Adding your Laptop to our internal Network

If you wish to connect to wired internal network, please provide us with an Ethernet address of your device. Please note in order to use some of the internal services like printing, mapping your home directory, have us add your personal device to our local network.

Hosting your Research Lab space

We host Research Lab Web sites. In order to get this set up, you will need to send a request to

YU-Card for Employees

You would need a YU-Card . You will be told this upon hire but sometimes the faculty member gets here and does not have all the information. Link to YU Card Service

York Business Cards For Lassonde Faculty

Your business cards are handled by the Dean's office located in the Bergeron Building.

Problems with your Office Space in Lassonde Bldg,Bergeron Bldg

To report problems within your office or the building, call ext. 22401 or email

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