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Resources for New Grad/Phd. Students within EECS

Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Effective June 18, 2021: EECS email accounts will no longer be created! All grad listserv emails will be sent to your YORKU email account (

Requesting an EECS user account

Once you are accepted into the program, you will be directed to request an account with EECS department. Please send an email to with your requirements such as First/last Name,Passport York ID, Student Number,Supervisor,degree Program Registered you are registered in.

Why do you need an account within EECS?

Our department supports compute services for graduate and Ph.d students. Members are given an “EECS account” for ease of use within the department. This account is different from your “Passport York”, the central, York University account because it accesses different resources from your PPY account although it is the same username. EECS accounts are used for logging into EECS computing systems, printing, accessing the research servers,EECS home directories that are backed up, Course distribution Lists, Internal EECS Grad Web sites, Room Bookings within Lassonde, Key Card Access to Building assigned to-specialized Lab Spaces, Administrative Areas and a series of other services you will discover as needed. Your “EECS” account comes with 1GB of data storage that is backed up nightly. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT SINCE THE START OF COVID19 and THE UNIVERSITY LOCKDOWN ACCESS, some services are not available such as printing , card access to the building, etc)

EECS Grad Mail Correspondence

All EECS Grad mail correspondence will be sent to your YORKU email account

How do I change my password on the EECS servers

You can change your password using

For Technical Support , whom do I contact

The department supports an email alias “” . Any questions sent to this email will be handled by a group of dedicated professionals efficiently. This is always faster than sending email to the individual team member's email address. It's a good idea to always send an email to any requests even if you drop by a tech member's office for a required service. This will give us the opportunity to make sure all requests are completed in a timely manner. We are located on the second floor of the Lassonde Building.(Lassonde Rooms 2033 to 2044)

Printing within EECS

THIS SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE DURING THE LOCKDOWN PERIOD (March 2020-Present) Your “EECS account name ” is important here. Once you are authenticated within our systems, you will be able to print. Printing documentation can be found : .
The same follows for mapping your home directory and having your important desktop files backed up on your home directory.

Access to Lassonde,Bergeron,Farquason,Shermon Buildings

Access to the building will be given on an as need basis. Once you are here, your needs will be dependant on your supervisor and his research area and access will be given as required

EECS Internal Course web pages

Past and Current course web links will be found here
Future Students
Grad Courses

What services are offered within EECS

Departmental Services
Software installed and supported on our systems are also found within the above link.

Adding your Portable Laptop/MacBook to our internal Network

If you have a portable computer and wants to add to our internal network in place of wifi, please provide us with a “MAC” or Ethernet address of the device .

Login and Remote Access

The following link will provide you with information on how to connect remotely to our external servers:

Building Issues-Contacts

If you have encountered building issues like “room is too hot or too cold”,etc, your contact for the Lassonde Building is Manager, Facility Services , Joseph Pedias(as of July 2019). Please send email to, or or you can call extension x 44201 for assistance. Emails are the best venue for filing complaints.

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