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A wiki is a website which allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users. We use open source wiki software called DokuWiki.

Requesting A Wiki

Faculty who would like to have a wiki created should send their request to tech including:

  • Wiki name
  • List of EECS users who will be wiki administrators
  • Wiki expiry date

User Manual

Read the DokuWiki user manual or the syntax guide for further details on using DokuWiki.

Wiki Users and Groups

EECS users can login to all wikis using their EECS username and password. User groups are also integrated (eg. faculty, ugrad, my-lab-group). All EECS users are in the “user” DokuWiki group, which allows you to control access to your wiki (or even just a part of it) to be fully open, for EECS only, or restricted to only specific users and groups. Additionally, wiki administrators can create their own custom groups for controlling access to their wiki based on their own user definitions (After logging in, Admin » Virtual Groups).

It is not possible to create your own wiki users manually. If you need external users to access restricted content in your wiki, consult with the technical team and we can create wiki accounts for your users.

Access Control Lists (ACL)

All EECS wikis are setup, by default, to be read only by anyone. Anonymous user registration has been disabled.

For more information on restricting access to your wiki pages refer to the DokuWiki Access Control List documentation.

You can add a sidebar to any namespace in your wiki. The default sidebar is called “sidebar”, and it can be overridden at any level. For more information on sidebars, please see here.


The following Dokuwiki plugins are available on our site:

  • Box Plugin - highlight important parts of your wiki in boxes that stand out
  • Comment Plugin - add comments/notes to your Wiki source that won't be shown on the page
  • Gallery Plugin - allows you to embed an automatically created image gallery into a wiki page
  • IFrame Plugin - display another web page inside your wiki page
  • KaTeX Plugin - parse TeX expressions and render them into math/chemical equations [Replaces previous “math” plugin - new syntax]
  • Numbered Headings Plugin - Adds numbered headings to DokuWiki without changing the actual behaviour of the standard headings.
  • Typography Plugin - Enable typesetting capabilities with CSS font properties such as font face, size, weight, and colour of text [replaces previous color highlight plugin]
  • Virtual Group Plugin - Create virtual user groups in DokuWiki
  • Video Share Plugin - Easily embed videos from various Video Sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo


There are many Dokuwiki plugins available for extending the functionality of the wiki. DokuWiki plugins are often developed by users who are not part of the DokuWiki development team. As a result, there is no guarantee that: 1) the plugin developer will assist if the plugin does not work, 2) the plugin developer will not abandon the plugin entirely, and 3) that plugins will continue to work after DokuWiki software updates. As a result, we try to minimize the number of plugins installed.

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