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Zoom TIPs

Please visit and click on Download Zoom the latest version of Zoom.

If you use the built in zoom module with class it is buggy.
Recommended: Go to and sign in with your PPY account.

When scheduling a meeting:

Help secure Zoom meeting:

  • For Meeting ID choose Generate Automatically
  • Check off box Require meeting password (set a password and provide it to all the attendees)
  • Click at the bottom Advance Options:
    • Enable join before host: (NO) will not allow participants to join before host
    • Check off Mute participants upon entry: Automatically mutes participants when they first join the meeting
    • Check off Only authenticated users can join: Select Passport York (this option will force the participates to sign in to Passport York before joining the meeting)

If you are a TA and want to meet each student 1-1, Zoom has a feature called “Waiting room”. To enable:

  • Click Advance Options:
    • Check off box Enable Waiting room“ (this option will put the user on hold when they join the meeting and the host can select each student to bring into the meeting individually)

In-Meeting Settings(These functions are available only if you are the host/co-host):

Mute all participants and not allow them to unmute themselves:

  • Click on Participants Mute All –> More → Uncheck Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves

Disable Private Chat (only allow Chat with Host):

  • Click on Chat → Click on “” next to the *File* → Choose Participant Can Chat With: Host

Allow only Host to share screen (Advance sharing options):

  • Click the arrow next to Share Screen and then Advanced Sharing Options → Choose “Only Host” can share

Remove a Participant:

  • You can remove unwanted participants. Click on Participants → Mouse over the name → Click More → Click remove → OK (they might not be able to join the meeting again if you set it in the Zoom Settings)

Turn off Annotation:

  • To avoid unwanted annotation: After sharing your screen, Click More button (at the top of the screen) then select Disable Attendee Annotation option
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