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See here for important policies on laboratory requirements, submission and evaluation

The laboratory is hands on and students should have experience with electronic circuits and computer organization and digital logic (e.g. strongly recommended or prerequisite courses are Phys 3150 and CSE 2021).

Some useful information and examples for the DE2 board are availble from Altera

Lab documentation


The DE2 user manual is here (manual) and here is the DE2 pin assignment file


This course will make use of the digital systems lab in LAS1004. The lab is equipped with boards and supporting software and equipment for development of Altera CPLD designs.

TA office hours. Every Friday 11:00-13:00 in the lab.

Lab Exercises

Report Guidelines

Lab 2 (corrected)

Lab 3

Lab 4

Lab 5

Timing simulation tutorial

Signal Tap Tutorial

Lab 6 For pre-lab please read the Timing simulation tutorial and the Signal Tap Tutorial.

Lab 7

Lab 8

Lab 9

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