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This course involves the completion of a significant body of work in the area of Digital Media. The project will normally be a team project involving the development and analysis of a digital media work potentially having elements of interactivity, animation, 3-D graphics, and sound for example. The project will be presented at a public workshop towards the end of the year.


- Only open to students in the final year of the Digital Media program.

- Course Credit Exclusions: SC/CSE 4080 3.00, SC/CSE 4081 6.00, SC/CSE 4082 6.00, SC/CSE 4084 6.00.

- Prior to Fall 2009: Course Credit Exclusions: AK/AS/SC/CSE 4080 3.00, AK/AS/SC/CSE 4081 6.00, AK/AS/SC 4082 6.00, AK/AS/SC/CSE 4084 6.00.

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