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Bashir K Duranai-Khan


The main concept of this project is to create Dynamic/Adaptive Artificial Intelligence in video games. The genre of video game is a 2D sprite based fighting/beat-em up. The levels have a z-axis allowing for movement on multiple planes. As the main focus of the game is to create very strong and dynamic AI, the character roster, backgrounds among other features will potentially be lacking. As you fight the enemy, they will adapt to your fighting style and change how they battle to continuously challenge the player and prevent them from using the same tactics over and over again. This will possibly allow for computer enemies that play similar to human players which will keep the game more entertaining.


Beat em ups usually have weak enemies that die quickly. So how can I make these enemies adapt to the players fighting if they die so fast because they are weak minions? I first thought to make it more towards a fighting game and have strong enemies, equal to strength as the player like in an actual fighting game (just now there is more movement because of the “z” plane). Then I thought that maybe there is the FINAL BOSS and he creates these minions and they have a hive mind (the original idea came from discussing with classmates). So the boss can see what his minions and doing and send out different tactics telepathically to the next set of enemies that attack the player. So each set of enemies that are defeated, the boss learns from their tactics and sends new counter measures to the next set of enemies. This could play into the story of the game, being an alien invasion and how to incorporate the dynamic AI into the game itself.


Potential UI and look of game.


Character Sprites (blown up size - 300%)


  • Health Points (HP): 500 HP
  • Energy Points (EP): 500 EP
  • Skilled in Hand to Hand combat
  • Shoot Energy Blasts from a distance
  • Energy restores quicker the less health

Energy Consumption

  • Running: 15 EP/s
  • Combo Kick: 5 EP
  • Jump: 10 EP
  • Running Kick: 15 EP
  • Counter Attack: 50 EP
  • Energy Blast: 100 EP


  • Health Points (HP): 100 HP

Boss Man / The Leader

  • Health Points (HP): 500 HP
  • 2x more damage than minions


Recovers 100 HP

Recovers 250 HP

Recovers 500 EP


  • Awesome Parallax scrolling of backgrounds
  • Projectile attacks
  • Enemy behavioural changes


When getting hurt the character face UI changes
Player shooting a projectile attack

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