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Technical Reports

Faculty can easily submit technical reports to the Department's technical report web area using a tool called techreport.

What Will techreport Do?

The techreport tool will:

  • Generate a report number for your paper (e.g. EECS-2015-01)
  • Create a title page for your paper including the York logo
  • Create a PDF version of your paper with the new title page included
  • Create an HTML summary page for your paper providing a link to the PDF version of the paper
  • Make your paper immediately available on the tech reports page

What will techreport not Do?

The techreport tool will not allow you to automatically remove posted papers. If you post a paper when you did not intend to do so, you will have to manually remove the entries from the technical reports directory (/eecs/dept/www/<YEAR>).

How Do I Use techreport?

The techreport tool is called with one argument being an info file. The info file contains lines of the form “data=value”. Value entries include:

  • title=the title of your paper (should not exceed 150 characters)
  • date=the date of the paper (typically in the form January 1, 1998)
  • author=the author of the paper (each author must be on a separate line but you can have up to 7 of these lines)
  • abstract=text file containing text abstract of paper
  • file=the PDF file containing the paper
  • id=the reserved tech report ID given to you by tech (please do not include this line at all unless tech has previously reserved you an ID.)

Create an “infofile” for your paper, then issue the techreport command like this:

% techreport info-file

Who Can Submit Tech Reports?

Only faculty can submit tech reports. If you are a grad student that needs to submit a report, please speak to your respective supervisor.

Other Questions?

If you have technical questions about submitting technical reports, please contact the technical staff.

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