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Course Information

Course Description

In the duration of two terms, each team (3 students per team preferably), will pool their intellectual resources and work on a common specific engineering project. Each project, should include significant elements from engineering, design and implementation, depending on the, fields of expertise and fields of study of each of the students composing the team. However, the composition of the team could be as versatile as, it could possibly be, in order to match the needs of the multifaceted project and thus, students from Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Geomatics, Earth and Space Sciences, Mechanical and Civil Engineering could form one single research and development team. With the financial support of Lassonde School of Engineering, students are trained to develop an idea, starting from, formulation of sound hypothesis to a creation of a novel product. This course is composed in such a manner that students will easily become acquainted with the necessary concepts for putting together, a practical engineering project. This is done in several steps including Project Selection, Background Study, Design Specification, Implementation, Verification and Demonstration. Regular meetings are part of this course, either to present guest lecturer on a variety of topics or to monitor the progress of projects.

Course Objectives

In this course, the students will learn to

  1. Develop an innovative engineering project based on their backgrounds
  2. Complete a project from beginning to end
  3. Work in a collaborative environment
  4. Manage the time and budget for the completion of the project
  5. Address practical problems and search for their solutions


21 3000-level Science (SC) or Engineering (ENG) credits in the Engineering program, exclusive of SC/ENG 3000 3.0.

Course Design

Engineering teams, can select any project from a wide range of applications, provided that the team obtains approval from the director of the course. The students should complete the Project Selection form (#1) and provide convincing explanations as to whether or not (1) the students have adequate background to complete the project, (2) each member of a given group, will be playing an important role with a degree of difficulty equal to that of the rest of team (3) the project is innovative enough to qualify for being considered as an ENG4000 project.

The students should share their findings and problems with other students by presenting several times in class in order to (1) demonstrate their progress, (2) resourcing for better suggestions and solutions from their classmates and the course's director and finally,(3) provide answers to the most pertinent questions retained from the class session and endorsed by the director of the course for further investigations. Each team should find at least one faculty member and a graduate student, willing to be their advisers and mentors respectively. The director of the course, in consultation with faculty advisers will asses, the suitability of the proposed projects and will follow the progress made in each one of them.

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