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Year 2017-2018 in review:
  • We held at York four programming contests Sept-Feb.
  • Two teams represented York at the 2017 regional programming contest.
    • The Red team (Justin Su, Junlin Chen, & Hoang Minh Cu Huy) solved 4 problems ranking 29% and won the Extreme Programming Award at the regional contest for the fastest solution in 6 minutes. The White team (Mohammadreza Karimi, Dong Hoon Lee, & Koko Nanahji) solved 3 problems ranking 56%. Congratulations to both of our teams! You can see the problem set and the standings at this link.
  • We had three further fun practice competitions in the Winter of 2018
    • We are proud to announce that Justin Su preformed the best. Congratulations to him.

We will start again Sept 2018. See you there.

5 Oct 2017 contest

28 Sept 2017 contest

25 Sept 2017 contest

18 Sept 2017 contest

17 Mar 2017 contest

3 Mar 2017 contest

17 Feb 2017 contest

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