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I think our 2022-23 team did better than any other York team. (They even got there themselves.)
  • Gengchen Tuo, Kuimou Yu, & Tien Phan

solved EIGHT problems out of 12 at the regional contest placing 15th (behind 14 teams from the big 5 schools Purdue, Waterloo, CMU, UofT and UMich). Nobody solved more than 10 problems.


Thank you all for a fantastic ICPC (ACM) competition 2020-21. Our students did great. (I don't want to take any credit. They did all the work.)
  • York Red: Justin Su, Phan Ngoc Tien, Gengchen Tuo
    • Ranked 22:67 > top third solving 7 out of 12
  • York Gold: Chonglun (Allen) Chen, Hoang Minh, Cameron Bedard
    • Ranked 33:67 > top half solving 5 out of 12


Two teams represented York at the 2019 regional programming contest. They competed against 120 teams including multiple from Waterloo, U of T, MIT, …. I clearly told them that I would love them to rank between 1/2 and 1/3. I am proud to announces the our teams did very well this year. Team york-lion2 (Justin Su, Allen Chonglun Chen, Ellie Seohyun Jeong) and Team york-lion1 (Phan Ngoc Tien, Gengchen, and Ahmed Walid) ranked at the 1/4 mark, namely 31/120 and 34/120. We had lots of fun and it is great job preparation.


See links at left for completed contests.

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