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Plans for Fall 2019-20 The contest is even earlier this year!!!
  • Contests at York
    • Times 7:30-9:30pm (Or from home)
      • Fri Sept 13 in LAS 1004 (Jeff and Song will come)
      • Mon Sept 16 in LAS 1002 (Jeff will come)
      • Tue Sept 24 in LAS 1002 (Song will come)
      • Fri Sept 27 in LAS 1004
    • These are done individually. We will select two teams for Windsor based on how well you do in these.
    • We will have 3 problems to code up
    • In your favorite programing language.
    • Easy, medium, harder.
    • You have two hours.
    • Make an account and check out the problems
  • Choose teams: Generally two teams of three.
    • by Sunday Sept 29 (We must submit the team names by the Monday)
  • Practice with teams
    • Sept 29-Oct 25
    • We can practice with you some and you can practice some by yourself.
    • Many have not taken 3101 so dont know dynamic programming.
  • ACM Contest over night in Windsor
  • Prize
    • We choose a prize for the best lower year person who gets their name on a cup.
  • More contests Feb-Mar
  • If you want to email people on the ACM mailing list, just send a message to
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