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We will have more practice contests in February and March.


Two teams represented York at the 2019 regional programming contest. They competed against 120 teams including multiple from Waterloo, U of T, MIT, …. I clearly told them that I would love them to rank between 1/2 and 1/3. I am proud to announces the our teams did very well this year. Team york-lion2 (Justin Su, Allen Chonglun Chen, Ellie Seohyun Jeong) and Team york-lion1 (Phan Ngoc Tien, Gengchen, and Ahmed Walid) ranked at the 1/4 mark, namely 31/120 and 34/120. We had lots of fun and it is great job preparation.


Sept 27 2019 contest 4

Sept 24 2019 contest 3

Sept 16 2019 contest 2

Sept 13 2019 contest 1

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