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Local NNs

Locally Connected Neural Networks


Inspired by the lateral inhibition in biological neuron networks, we propose a novel neural network architecture, namely locally connected deep neural network (LCNN), which imposes local connections within the neighboring neurons in the same layer in order to imitate the lateral inhibition.

  • Our maxout neuron based LCNN can achieve a 0.79% classfi cation error rate on the MNIST task without using pretraining and data augmentation.
  • Our ReLU based LCNN can achieve a 15.0% word error rate in speech recognition on the Switchboard database.

To our knowledge, both results set the new state of the art performance on these tasks under similar training conditions.

[1] Shiliang Zhang, Hui Jiang, Li-Rong Dai and Si Wei, ``Locally Connected Deep Neural Networks,'' submitted to Neural Networks, 2015.

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