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September 10

Herb Sutter and James Larus. Software and the Concurrency Revolution. Queue, 3(7):54-62, September 2005.

Celeste Biever. Chip revolution poses problems for programmers. New Scientist, 2594:26-27, March 2007.

Bryan Cantrill and Jeff Bonwick. Real-world concurrency. Communications of the ACM, 51(11):34-39, November 2008.

Slides of lecture 1.

September 15

A guest lecture by librarian John Dupuis will take place in the Steacie Building, room 021B (the basement computer lab). Ask at the library reference desk for room 021B if you cannot find it.

Leah Graham and Panagiotis Takis Metaxas. Of course it's true; I saw it on the Internet! Communications of the ACM, 46(5):70-75, May 2003.

Neil L. Waters. Why you can't cite Wikipedia in my class. Communications of the ACM, 50(9):15-17, September 2007.

September 17

September 22

P.J. Courtois, F. Heymans and D.L. Parnas. Concurrent control with "readers" and "writers". Communications of the ACM, 14(10): 667-668, October 1971.

Edsger W. Dijkstra. Two starvation-free solutions of a general exclusion problem. EWD 625.

Suhas S. Patil. Limitations and Capabilities of Dijkstra's Semaphore Primitives for Coordination among Processes. Computation Structures Group Memo 57, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, February 1971.

Slides of lecture 4.

September 24

C.A.R. Hoare. Monitors: an operating system structuring concept. Communications of the ACM, 17(10):549–557, October 1974.


  • Add count := count - 1 to the first remove procedure on page 553.
  • Replace + with - in the release procedure on page 554.

Slides of lecture 5.

September 29

C.A.R. Hoare. Communicating Sequential Processes. Communications of the ACM, 21(8):666-677, August 1978.

Additional material can be found in
Steve Schneider. Concurrent and Real-time Systems: the CSP Approach. John Wiley & Sons. 1999.

Slides of lecture 6.

October 1

R. Kent Treiber. System programming: coping with parallelism. Report RJ 5118. IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA. April 1986.

Slides of lecture 7.

October 6

October 8


Slot Student
1 Rasouli, Amir
2 Alsabbagh, Mohamad
3 Rady, Amgad Sadek

October 13


Slot Student
1 Halatchev, Vassil Christov
2 Gulo, Eros
3 Lin, Yuping

October 15

Slot Student
1 Solbach, Markus Dieter

Slides of lecture 11.

Counter class Resource class

October 20

October 22

Brian Goetz, Tim Peierls, Joshua Bloch, Joseph Bowbeer, David Holmes and Doug Lea. Java Concurrency in Practice. Addison-Wesley, 2006.

Slides of lecture 13

RedBlackTreeTest class

October 27

October 29

No lecture due to Fall Reading Days

November 3

Lecture cancelled

November 5

Slot Student
1 Halatchev, Vassil
2 Alsabbagh, Mohamad
3 Rasouli, Amir

November 10

Slot Student
1 Solbach, Markus
2 Lin, Yuping
3 Gulo, Eros

November 12

Slot Student
1 Rady, Amgad Sadek

Cary Millsap. Thinking clearly about performance, part 1. Communications of the ACM, 53(9):55-60, September 2010.

Cary Millsap. Thinking clearly about performance, part 2. Communications of the ACM, 53(10): 39-45, October 2010.

Task class Main class

November 17

November 19

November 24

November 26

Course evaluations (please bring a pencil).

December 1

Slot Student
1 Gulo, Eros
2 Solbach, Markus
3 Lin, Yuping

December 3

Slot Student
1 Halatchev, Vassil
2 Rasouli, Amir
3 Alsabbagh, Mohamad

December 8

Slot Student
1 Rady, Amgad

Slides of lecture 20

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