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Future Students, Alumni & Visitors
  1. Append the following lines in your ”.cshrc” file:

setenv CUDA_HOME /eecs/local/pkg/cuda-8.0.44
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /eecs/local/pkg/cuda8.0.44/lib64:/eecs/local/pkg
setenv PATH /eecs/research/asr/chao/anaconda/bin:${PATH}
setenv NLTK_DATA /eecs/research/asr/chao/nltk_data

  1. Login to any server using your own user name and password.
  2. To use python in command line, just type “python”, and then it will work.
  3. To run your own python code (including the Tensorflow code), just type “python” under the correct directory.
  4. To install new python packages, just use “conda install xxx” or “pip install xxx”. (for more details, please refer to
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