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Weekly Calendar

January 4

Title: Bugs are everywhere
Reading material: page 1-2, 4-6 of the textbook
Slides: lecture1.pdf

January 5

Title: Testing on steriods
Reading material: JUnit website
Slides: lecture2.pdf

January 7

Lab: Lab1

January 11

January 12

Title: States and transitions
Reading material: Section 2.3 of the textbook
Slides: lecture4.pdf

January 14

Reading material: Notes
Lab: Lab2

January 18

Title: Model Checking
Reading material: page 3, 7-10 of the textbook, The Java Tutorials: Concurrency
Slides: lecture5.pdf

January 19

Title: Smaller Models
Reading material:
Slides: lecture6.pdf

January 21

Reading material: The Java Tutorials: Concurrency
Lab: Lab3

January 25

Title: Introduction to Java PathFinder
Reading material: Java PathFinder: a translator from Java to Promela
Slides: lecture7.pdf

January 26

Title: Deadlocks and Race Conditions
Reading material: Section 3.1 of the textbook
Slides: lecture8.pdf

January 28

Lab: Lab4

February 1

February 2

February 4

Lab: Lab5

February 8

Title: Search Strategies in JPF
Reading material: Chapter 5 of Notes
Slides: lecture11.pdf

February 9

Speaker: Julia Rubin
Title: The Secret Life of Mobile Applications
Location: Lassonde Building, room 3033
Time: 14:00-15:00

February 11

Lab: Lab6

February 22

Title: Handling Native Methods (Model Classes)
Reading material:
Slides: lecture13.pdf

February 23

Title: Handling Native Methods (Native Peers)
Reading material:
Slides: lecture14.pdf

February 25

Lab: Lab7

February 29

Title: The State Space in XML Format
Reading material:
Slides: lecture15.pdf

March 1

Title: Linear Temporal Logic
Reading material: pages 229-236 of the textbook
Slides: lecture16.pdf

March 3

Lab: Lab8

March 7

Title: Linear Temporal Logic
Reading material: pages 237-249 of the textbook
Slides: lecture17.pdf

March 8

Title: Linear Temporal Logic
Reading material: pages 252, 255-256, 313-327, 334-340 of the textbook
Slides: lecture18.pdf

March 10

Lab: work on your project and quiz on Linear Temporal Logic

March 14

Title: Computation Tree Logic
Reading material: pages 341-351 of the textbook and note on partial ordered sets and fixed points
Slides: lecture19.pdf

March 15

Title: Witnesses and Counterexamples
Reading material: pages 373-379 of the textbook
Slides: lecture20.pdf

March 17

Lab: work on your project and quiz on Computation Tree Logic

March 21

Title: Software for Dependable Systems
Reading material: Software for Dependable Systems: Sufficient Evidence?
Slides: lecture21.pdf

March 22

Course evaluations (please bring a pencil)

Title: Structured Proofs
Reading material: How to write a 21st century proof
Slides: lecture22.pdf

March 24

Lab cancelled due to weather.

March 28


Title: Binary Decision Diagrams
Reading material: pages 382-386, 392-405 of the textbook
Slides: lecture23.pdf

March 29

Title: Binary Decision Diagrams
Reading material: pages 387-391 of the textbook
Slides: lecture24.pdf

March 31

Lab: work on your project and quiz

April 4

Make up lab at 14:30.

April 11

Final exam at 14:00-16:00 in ACE 006

April 15

Last day to hand in your project

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