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Weekly Calendar

January 6

Title: Bugs are everywhere
Reading material: page 1-2, 4-6 of the textbook
Slides: lecture1.pdf

January 8

Title: Testing on steriods
Reading material: JUnit website
Slides: lecture2.pdf
Handout: handout1.pdf, handout2.pdf

January 10

Title: More testing on steroids
Reading material: JUnit website
Slides: lab1.pdf
Lab: Lab 1

January 13

Title: Space exploration
Reading material: page 3, 7-8, 11-16 of the textbook
Slides: lecture3.pdf
Handout: handout3.pdf

January 15

Title: Check models
Reading material: Section 1 and Section 5.1-5.3 of The Birth of Model Checking, Java PathFinder: a translator from Java to Promela
Slides: lecture4.pdf
Handout: handout4.pdf
Code:, PrintRandom.jpf

January 17

Quiz: Quiz 1

January 20

Title: State space traversals
Reading material: Chapter 5 of notes.pdf
Slides: lecture5.pdf
Handout: handout5.pdf
Code:, RunTest.jpf,,

January 22

January 24

Reading material: Chapter 1 and 2 of notes.pdf
Project: Part 1 of project

Reading material: Chapter 5 of notes.pdf
Lab: Lab 2

January 27

January 29

January 31

Quiz: Quiz 2

February 3

Title: Search
Reading material: Chapter 9, up to and including Section 9.6, of notes.pdf
Slides: lecture9.pdf
Handout: handout9.pdf

February 5

Title: Search
Reading material: the remainder of Chapter 9 of notes.pdf
Slides: lecture10.pdf
Handout: handout10.pdf
Code:,, (generated app), SearchNotificationRecorder, CompareSearchRecordings,

February 7

Reading material: Chapter 9 of notes.pdf
Lab: Lab 3

February 10

Title: Linear Temporal Logic
Reading material: pages 229-236 of the textbook
Slides: lecture11.pdf
Handout: handout11.pdf

February 12

Title: Temporal Logics
Reading material: pages 174-175, 248-249, 271-272, 313-327 and 334-340 of the textbook
Slides: lecture12.pdf
Handout: handout12.pdf

February 14

Quiz: Quiz 3
Project: Part 2 of project

February 24

Project: Part 3 of project

Title: Computational Tree Logic
Reading material: pages 341-351 of the textbook
Slides: lecture13.pdf
Handout: handout13df

February 26

Title: Testing JPF
Reading material: notes on testing JPF components,TestJPF
Slides: lecture14.pdf
Handout: handout14.pdf

February 28

Lab: Lab 4

March 2

March 4

March 6

Lab: Lab 5

March 9

March 11

March 13

Lab: Lab 6

March 16

Title: Concurrency
Reading material: The Java Tutorials: Concurrency, Section 3.1 of the textbook
Slides: lecture18.pdf
Handout: handout18.pdf
Recording: recording

March 18

March 20

Lab: Lab 7

March 23

Project: Part 5 of project

Title: Undecidability
Slides: lecture20.pdf
Recording: recording

March 25

Title: Data races
Slides: lecture21.pdf
Handout: handout21.pdf
Code: Code:,,
Recording: recording

March 27

Lab: Lab 8

March 30

Slides of sample presentation Recording of sample presentation

Presentation schedule:

  1. Rajvi Chavada and Connor Dear
  2. Syed Usman
  3. Connor Ahearn and Jeremy Winkler
  4. Damanveer Bharaj
  5. Sara Attalla and Sean Doyle

Recording: recording

April 1


  1. Gagen Benipal and Zaeem Israr
  2. Kevin Banh and Andrew Maywapersaud
  3. Anji Tong
  4. Aya Abu Allan and Mark Savin
  5. Dong Jae Lee
  6. Bradley Booth and Akbar Khan

Recording: recording

April 3

Lab: Lab 9

April 8

Final exam at 7pm

April 20

May 9

Drop deadline: last date to drop the course without receiving a grade for it.

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